Matt Rasch Art

Hello, I'm Matt and this is my art portfolio / online sketchbook. I hope you enjoy it. If you need some artwork done, have any questions, or even just want to say hi, please don't hesitate to contact me! (

My first attempt at animation, done throughout 2008, premiered at Short’s Brewing Co. on February 28, 2009. Released online in honour of its fifth anniversary.

Pop Art attempts #1

"Mississippi Lullaby", music video by Lara Herscovitch. Directed & animated by me, January 2014.

"King Of The Plains", music video by The Highballers. Directed & animated by me, December 2013.

"First Frost", music video by Dede & The Dreamers. Directed & animated by me, November 2013.

Artwork for my friends’ new discussion blog, An Atheist And A Christian Walk Into A Bar. (With apologies to Reg Smythe.) September 2013.